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ORDER & ASK to: eurasia@qb4.so-net.ne.jp

He sings about the world that he sees through the eye of “boku.” In Japanese language, we have many terms to mean “I” with slight differences. Boku is one of them. In my impression, “boku” sounds humble—even hesitated sometimes—naïve, and pure. He sings in a size of his life and expresses at a universal level. His songs are strong because of the lack of self-confidence, because you can see hope in his voice.
“One Grain of Sand,” the title song is a secret window for us to peek his vision flowing throughout the album. The tiny existence of one grain of sand –blown in the wind—represents the whole universe. Monks of Tibetan Buddhist draw the universe with it. They let the drawing of sand vanish as we, all the living lives, do one day.

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ORDER & ASK to: eurasia@qb4.so-net.ne.jp